Read the ALLIANCE's new report summarising the learning from our series of Third Sector Forums in the Scottish Borders.

Throughout 2021, the Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland (the ALLIANCE) has continued our work engaging with the third sector in the Scottish Borders in partnership with Borders Care Voice and the Berwickshire Association for Voluntary Service (BAVS), who form part of the local Borders Third Sector Interface (TSI).

As of October 2021, we have organised two Third Sector Forums in partnership with Borders Care Voice and BAVS.

The first of these forums in April gave participants the opportunity to discuss:

  • Key messages they would like to communicate with the Health and Social Care Partnership (HSCP);
  • Key issues their organisation, and the wider third sector in the Borders, are facing at the moment;
  • As well as solutions to these key issues, which were prioritised following a vote.

And the second forum in July asked those in attendance to imagine what they and their families will look like in 2042 and think of how they would like to look after themselves and their families 20 years from now.

What followed was a thought provoking workshop around what people believed they will expect from their health and social care services 20 years from now, with people discussing:

  • Community support;
  • Family support;
  • Carer support;
  • Promotion of the Scottish Borders;
  • Person centred approaches;
  • Financial Concerns;
  • And engagement with health and social care services.

The report is available to read below and will be submitted to the Scottish Borders HSCP to inform their new Strategic Commissioning Plan.

The ALLIANCE intend to continue our partnership work with Borders Care Voice and BAVS, with another Third Sector Forum due to take place in November 2021.

This forum will continue to promote the voice of the third sector in the Borders and ensure that the local HSCP engage with the third sector meaningfully and on a regular basis. In partnership with Borders Care Voice, BAVS and the local HSCP, we intend to use this forum in November to support the production of a Co-production Charter which will promote a long term closer working relationship between the third and statutory sectors in the Scottish Borders.

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