Holyrood to put social care under the spotlight

Type: News Item Date Published: 19th December 2019
Photo of the outside of the Scottish Parliament building

The Health and Sport Committee has issued a call for views on the future of social care.

The inquiry will investigate the future delivery of social care in Scotland and what changes are needed to meet current and increasing future demand.

To support this, the Health and Sport Committee is seeking input from those who have received or provide social care in Scotland, as well as organisations who deliver social care. They are keen to hear about people’s experiences of social care, what an ideal model of care looks like and how to ensure the service is centred upon each individual’s needs.

They also want to explore how social care could be setup so that there is equitable access and quality of services across Scotland.

The Committee is also seeking responses from organisations on the following four questions:

  • How should the public be involved in planning their own and their community’s social care services?
  • How should Integration Authorities commission and procure social care to ensure it is person-centred?
  • Looking ahead what are the essential elements in an ideal model of social care (e.g. workforce, technology, housing etc.)?
  • What needs to happen to ensure the equitable provision of social care across the country?

The deadline for responses is Thursday 20 February 2020.

Visit the Scottish Parliament website for full details (this link will take you away from our website).

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