Improved partnership working with the third sector needed in order to make progess with Integration

Section: Health and Social Care IntegrationType: News Item Date Published: 4th February 2019
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Each health and social care partnership will critically evaluate their working arrangements and relationships with the sector.

This is one of the 25 proposals made following a review of the progress being made to integrate Health and Social Care.

The review, taken forward with the Ministerial Strategic Group for Health and Community Care also proposes that carers and representatives of people accessing services are better supported to enable their full participation in integration processes.

The aim of the review was to identify mechanisms to increase the pace and effectiveness of integration. It acknowledged that while there is good practice developing, both in terms of how Integration Joint Boards (IJBs) are operating, and in how services are being planned and delivered, this is not yet the case in all areas.

The full list of proposals is as follows:

Collaborative leaderships and building relationships

  • All leadership development will be focused on shared and collaborative practice
  • Relationships and collaborative working between partners must improve
  • Relationships and partnership working with the third and independent sectors must improve

Meaningful and Sustained engagement

  • Effective approaches for community engagement and participation must be put in place for integration
  • Improved understanding of effective working relationships with carers, people using services and local communities is required
  • We will support carers and representatives of people using services better to enable their full involvement in integration

Integrated finances and financial planning

  • Health Boards, Local Authorities and IJBs should have a joint understanding of their respective financial positions as they relate to integration
  • Delegated budgets for IJBs must be agreed timeously
  • Delegated hospital budgets and set aside requirements must be fully¬†implemented
  • Each IJB must develop a transparent and prudent reserves policy
  • Statutory partners must ensure appropriate support is provided to IJB’s Chief Financial Officers
  • IJBs must be empowered to use the totality of resources at their disposal to better meet the needs of their local populations

Effective strategic planning for improvement

  • Statutory partners must ensure that Chief Officers are effectively supported and empowered to act on behalf of the IJB
  • Improved strategic inspection of health and social care is developed to better reflect integration
  • National improvement bodies must work more collaboratively and deliver the improvement support partnerships require to make integration work
  • Improved strategic planning and commissioning arrangements must be put in place
  • Improved capacity for strategic commissioning of delegated hospital services must be in place

Governance and accountability arrangements

  • The understanding of accountabilities and responsibilities between statutory partners must improve
  • Accountability processes across statutory partners will be streamlined
  • IJB chairs must be better supported to facilitate well run Boards capable of making effective decisions on a collective basis
  • Clear directions must be provided by IJBs to Health Boards and Local Authorities
  • Effective, coherent and joined up clinical and care governance arrangements must be in place

Ability and willingness to share information

  • IJB annual performance reports will be benchmarked by Chief Officers to allow them to better understand their local performance data
  • Identifying and implementing good practice will be systematically undertaken by all partnerships
  • A framework for community based health and social care integrated services will be developed

Read ‘Review of progress with Integration of Health and Social Care’ (this link will take you away from our website).

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