The ALLIANCE's report for the Social Care Advisory Panel shares the views and learning of individuals and organisations across Scotland.

From late September to mid November 2020, the Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland (the ALLIANCE) sought views from across the country to help shape and inform the Independent Review of Adult Social Care in Scotland.

A series of digital engagements, an online survey, open call and facilitation pack activity took place during the consultation period, with individuals with experience of social care support, families, unpaid carers, and organisations representing the interests of people who receive, or commission for themselves, social care and support.

The engagement activity was broad and diverse and raised an array of key themes. These themes are captured and reported in the ALLIANCE’s Independent Review of Adult Social Care Engagement Report, sharing the views and learning of individuals and organisations across Scotland.

Analysis showed that there were some positives and examples of good quality and effective support operating at a local level however, there are high levels of frustration around the existing structure and design of social care services. Eligibility criteria, workforce development, the value of unpaid carers and the implementation gap between policy and practice were amongst many of the key themes that people told us needed the review panels attention, to improve service provision.

The third sector’s contributions to providing social care support was identified across our engagement activity as one of the biggest strengths of the social care system, with self management principles providing the foundation to high quality, long term, asset based support.

The ALLIANCE would like to thank all those who took the time to share their experiences, views and hopes for the adult social care system in Scotland. The report aims to summarise those views and consider recommendations to support the Independent Review of Adult Social Care Scotland.

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