Involving people in developing IBD care takes centre stage

Section: Self Management and Co-Production HubType: News Item Date Published: 14th July 2021
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Crohn's and Colitis UK write about co-production and how they are working to ensure people’s voices are heard in healthcare.

In the 6th year of national co-production week last week, Crohn’s and Colitis UK’s health services and research officer, Gemma, shared their latest work on involving people with Crohn’s and Colitis and highlighted some of the projects already putting people with Crohn’s (this link will take you away from our website) and Colitis (this link will take you away from our website) at the centre.

Over the past year Crohn’s and Colitis UK have been reviewing their approach to involvement and have plans in place to build this area over the next 12 months. Developments include easier ways to search and sign up for involvement opportunities, new resources, support and recognition for everyone that gives their time and experience to shape projects, and involving people from across the Crohn’s and Colitis community, advocating for partners, researchers, and healthcare professionals to do the same.

An exciting piece of work that Crohn’s and Colitis UK have planned over the new few years, is secured funding from the Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland to develop a structured self management programme for people with Crohn’s and Colitis in Scotland. This two year project builds on their partnership work with the Scottish Government Modernising Patient Pathways programme, which has already produced a flare card and care plan. Developing a structured self management programme and embedding a person centred approach to care into IBD services seemed a natural next step to this partnership work.

For more information and to read the full article, please visit Crohn’s & Colitis UK (this link will take you away from our website).

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