Carer Voices invites you to take part in the upcycling art challenge

Section: People and NetworksType: News Item Date Published: 30th March 2020

Join the Carer Voices project in turning recycled materials into inspiring art while at home.

We all have waste. Think of everything you do during the day while at home that generates empty boxes, bottles, plastic wrap and other things you may decide to throw away or recycle. Did you know you can use recycled materials to make art at home?

As a part of the Carer Voices callout for art, the Carer Voices Artist-in-Residence Xuechang Leng has upcycled household food packing to create a butterfly telling the story of re-birth and growth. Now the Artist-in-Residence is encouraging all to get involved by creating something of their own at home that could inspire others during this time.

Xuechang commented:

“I think my art work reflects upon the fragile relationship between human and nature and it looks onwards to a post-covid19 world, describing it as a period of rebirth and renewal. As we all maintain social distancing as the UK and Scottish Government advises, I’d like to ask people what art they can continue to make with the recycled materials in their homes which could bring a smile to someone else’s face.”

As a part of the wider inter-generational work currently being undertaken by the project which is aimed at connecting young people and older people living in care homes, this project invites families to explore the art they could make out of discarded materials that once had another purpose. This includes anything from old plastic toys and cereal boxes to scraps of cloth and milk cartons.

At its heart, this upcycling challenge set out by the Carer Voices project is about re-purposing and reusing materials with the same purpose of spreading kindness, compassion and appreciation for key workers during this time. There’s no limit to what kinds of materials can be used. Recycled art can be large or small, either two dimensional or three dimensional and all creativity and ability levels are encouraged.

Please send pictures of your art to or tag the project on Twitter at @ALLIANCECarerVo using #CarerVoices20

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