Join us in an international network on self managment and co-production

Section: Self Management and Co-Production HubType: News Item Date Published: 25th September 2018

Would you like to join the ALLIANCE in an international network on self management and co-production?

In 2017, the ALLIANCE hosted a Four Nations Summit on self management to help us explore what collaborating across the UK’s four health and social care systems could inform us about leading change in self management.

During 2018 we have been celebrating 10 years since the publication of the Self Management Strategy for Scotland. It is an important milestone and focuses attention on what more we need to do to make sure the person feels empowered to live and die well on their terms.

Active support for self management is increasingly recognised as one of the key priorities for achieving transformation within our health and social care system. Whilst the policy landscape looks different in each of the four health and social care systems of the UK, together we identified that across all four systems there is too wide a gap between policy and implementation.

To build on the momentum from this event, the ALLIANCE is leading on a special interest group on self management and co-production hosted by the International Foundation for Integrated Care (IFIC) (this link will take you away from our website).  The group will be launched during Self Management Week 2018.

A strength of hosting the special interest group through IFIC is the ability for people across the world to connect virtually – through its online platform to support the sharing of learning and exchange knowledge.

We would like to encourage ALLIANCE members to sign up and help us to promote the group.

What can we do together?

People talked at the Four Nations Summit about self management as a way of life: something that is integral to everyone’s approach to health and wellbeing and not just when people are living with a long term condition.

This led to discussions about the societal change that is needed and moving away from self management being seen as a mechanism for reducing services and support.

We learned that self management means changing the balance of power to co-produce health and wellbeing in partnership with people, families and communities. Self management is a powerful example of an approach that gives people and communities more opportunities to shape the services they use based on their own experiences. It has been recognised elsewhere that people are arguably the greatest untapped resource within the NHS[1].

“Co-production means delivering public services in an equal and reciprocal relationship between professionals, people using services, their families and their neighbours. Where activities are co-produced in this way, both services and neighbourhoods become far more effective agents of change.”

There was a shared sense of ambition and purpose in the room based upon a rich array of experience of implementing self management. We identified that we need an intentional way of sharing ideas and that a network could be a solution.

What will joining the special interest group involve?

  • You can join the special interest group by emailing You will be sent details of how to register to join the special interest group for free.
  • Through the special interest group online platform, members will be able to pose questions they have about self management and co-production and you will be able to contribute to the discussion.
  • You will be able to share resources – this might be presentations, publications, case studies, strategies / policies, video clips or links to websites that are relevant to self management and co-production.
  • We will host webinars through the Integrated Care Matters series which will be available to the whole IFIC community which you can listen to and also contribute to.
  • We will be looking for you to contribute good practice examples that we can share with our growing community.
  • There is an opportunity to coordinate a guest editorial in the International Journal for Integrated Care.
  • You will have the chance to explore partnering in research bids and other collaborative working.

If you are interested in joining this international special interest group please email and ask to be added to the SIG mailing list.


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