Making good technology decisions: a NES Digital Service perspective for the third sector

Section: DigitalIn the CommunityThe ALLIANCEType: News Item Date Published: 11th March 2020
National Digital Platform event

New guidance published to help third sector organisations make good decisions around technology procurement or development.

Developing or buying technology for your organisation can be very challenging. Tech moves so fast, it’s difficult to figure out if it will still be fit for purpose over the long term – including whether it will connect to and share data with other parts of health and social care.

A major consideration here will be understanding how your technology evolution fits with the national digital platform being developed by NES Digital Service (NDS) (this link will take you away from our website). This is a new Scotland-wide infrastructure for clinical and care data that aims to enable the appropriate creation and use of information at the point of care and help systems, devices and applications to work together and share/use data – to ultimately improve services, support research and innovation.

Today, we are publishing (below) NDS’ initial guidance of how their platform approach – and wider methodologies – might support third sector organisations, like yours, to make good decisions around technology procurement or development.

This is just a starting point. NDS will build on this document and intend to publish expanded guidance later in 2020/21.

We fully recognise that some of this initial guidance introduces concepts, standards and terminology that may be unfamiliar to you.  And that you might benefit from a wider discussion that further explains its content and helps you better understand its relevance for your organisation.

If this is the case, please kindly email us at quoting ‘tech choices’ in the email subject line.  Within your email, tell us if you are keen to have this follow up discussion and also note any specific areas of the guidance that you want to explore further.

This will help us determine both the need for and format of a potential stakeholder event or webinar with NDS on the guidance in spring. Thank you.

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