Measuring Treatment Burden – What is Important? A Focus Group

Type: News Item Date Published: 2nd July 2018

The University of Glasgow are looking for individuals who have cardiovascular conditions to take part in a research study.

The University of Glasgow are looking for participants for a research study entitled ‘Measuring treatment burden – what is important? – A focus group with people who have cardiovascular disease’.

Research has shown that people with long term conditions can find it difficult to follow treatments recommended by their doctors, nurses and therapists. For example, medication regimes can be complicated, information on treatments lacking and communication between GPs and hospital doctors poor.  We want to find out how best to measure treatment difficulties, and have recently reviewedmeasures of treatment burden currently available .

In this project we aim to discuss these measures with people who have cardiovascular conditions such as stroke, high blood pressure or heart disease in order to ascertain which aspects of the measures are useful and what factors may be missing from them. This would involve taking part in one focus group at the University of Glasgow on 19th July at 11am.

Full details about the project and how you can get involved can be obtained from Dr Katie Gallacher by email or by phone (0141 330 8323). Travel expenses will be covered and tea/coffee provided.

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