Report launch ‘My Life, My Experience’

Section: The ALLIANCEType: News Item Date Published: 25th November 2019

The ALLIANCE has published a report highlighting people's experiences of complications following transvaginal mesh surgery.

The ALLIANCE undertook independent engagement work with women across Scotland who have experienced or who are experiencing complications of transvaginal mesh surgery.

The ‘My Life, My Experience’ report highlights the experience of 46 women from Dumfries and Galloway to Inverness, who shared how the surgery and its life-changing complications have impacted their physical and mental health, relationships, finances and confidence in healthcare systems.

The women affected also shared their views on how to improve care following mesh procedures.

The ALLIANCE’s Director of Strategy and Engagement, Irene Oldfather stated: “The ALLIANCE welcomes the opportunity to have been able to tell the stories of women with mesh complications – many were harrowing to hear and we are grateful to all who contributed.

We trust that there is a desire for ongoing involvement with those with lived experience. We recommend the setting up of a Stakeholder Participation Group to monitor future pathways for women with complications and stress incontinence.”

The ‘My Life, My Experience’ engagement report has been submitted to the Scottish Government to inform future care and support options. The ALLIANCE has suggested:

  • The setting up of a Stakeholder Participation Group to consider and inform the future agenda;
  • Consideration to be given to different mechanisms as to how women can be supported to achieve optimum health and wellbeing;
  • Person-centred approaches to be put in place involving a range of health professionals.

For further information, please contact:

Irene Oldfather, Director of Strategy and Engagement
Phone: 0141 404 0233

Margaret McKeith, National Lead for House of Care
Phone: 0141 404 0231

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