New funding announced to support health and wellbeing

Section: Self Management and Co-Production HubType: News Item Date Published: 13th December 2018

This new partnership programme will support self management and develop understanding of health and care information and services.

£74,336 of new funding from the Scottish Library and Information Council; Public Library Improvement Fund and the Scottish Government was announced today. The project aims to create a new service model connecting librarians, citizens, health care professionals and third sector staff to improve the overall health and wellbeing of individuals.

Managed by the Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland (the ALLIANCE) and NHS Health Scotland, the project will bring together people from all sectors within a local authority to strengthen support around health and social care for people who use support and services. The project will map out existing support and strengthen approaches using the new teams shared knowledge and experience. The work reflects the ambitions behind the Christie Commission and Public Health Reform.

This new service model will initially be rolled out in three localities; North Ayrshire, Midlothian and South Lanarkshire. Commitment has been secured from the Health and Social Care Partnerships in those areas and national roll out will begin towards 2020.

This service model will include a special focus on vulnerable groups at risk of exclusion including tailored support for young people with mental health conditions. Participating localities will select one other health inequality group to focus on.

Ian Welsh OBE, Chief Executive, the ALLIANCE said:

 “We are delighted to bring together key partners within health and social care to strengthen our collective voice supporting self management, shared decision making and health literacy. This work will further our commitment to address health inequalities in Scotland.”


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