New project Public Life Matters launch survey

Section: The ALLIANCEType: News Item Date Published: 13th July 2017

Survey explores barriers that prevent people from getting involved in public life when dealing with mental health issues.

Public Life Matters is working to make sure that people with lived experience of mental ill health can become more involved in their communities and combat the isolation that people can face.

Led by a group of researchers who have experienced difficulties in their own mental health, Public Life Matters aims to help others seeking public office or become more involved in community groups, church groups, parent/teacher associations, local authorities and even voting.

Research shows that becoming more involved in your community can help recovery from mental illness, by widening out life experiences and connections and giving us a new purpose.

People can take part in the project, which has been funded through a Disability Research on Independent Living and Learning grant, by taking part in an initial survey. There will also be follow up focus groups taking place across Scotland to build on the initial findings.

Public Health Matters are seeking for participants to complete a short 15 minute survey and answer: do people with lived experience of mental illness want to become more involved in their communities? If so, what roles? Do you feel there is anything getting in the way of their doing so?

‘Getting involved in the public life of your community’ means either in an employed capacity or as a volunteer. It could be from joining the board of your children’s school to helping out a local charity or community group. It might even mean getting involved in politics by helping a campaign or standing for election as an elected member in your authority or as an MP or MSP.

Whether you are personally interested in getting more actively involved in your community or not, or if you are already involved but feel there are things getting in the way or holding you back Public Health Matters are interested in hearing your views.

Complete Public Life Matters survey (this link will take you away from our website).

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