Older people having to wait too long for social care

Type: News Item Date Published: 29th May 2019
Illustration of a desk scene, with a laptop displaying the word 'report' on the screen

Age Scotland research found more than 4 in 10 older people with ‘critical’ or ‘substantial’ needs wait more than 6 weeks for social care.

43% of older people assessed as needing substantial or critical care in 2018 waited more than the 6 weeks outlined in national guidelines to get the social care they need.

The research undertaken by Age Scotland also highlighted the wide range of waiting times across local authorities and the lack of accessible information held by them about the reasons for delay.

The report details the impact of the delays on people and their families in 3 case studies.

Age Scotland’s report outlines 6 recommendations to local and national government which could help improve the position, including; more regular data recording so councils can spot trends and better respond and plan for increased demand; further efforts to attract and recruit more social care workers; and ensuring that the resources required to fund social care in the future are met.

Read report “Waiting for Care: Is Scotland meeting its commitment to older people” report (this link will take you away from our website).

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