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Hannah Roche, student of psychology at Glasgow Caledonian University is currently looking for participants to take part in a research study.

Feeling psychologically safe is important to health and wellbeing. This study aims to understand the experience of individuals who have had a chronic disease since childhood. Specifically, this study will explore how psychologically safe individuals have felt during medical interventions and what their experience has been like.

The study is open to:

  • Anyone 18+ who:
  • Has had a chronic disease since childhood that requires medical interventions past or presently

The study will involve:

  • 45 mins-1hr interview
  • Online or in person at Glasgow Caledonian University

All information shared will be strictly confidential.

Ethical approval granted by Glasgow Caledonian University: HLS/PSWAHS/23/163

Research supervised by Dr Liza Morton Lecturer in Applied Psychology at Glasgow Caledonian University

If you would like to participate or would like more information, please email Hannah at hroche300@caledonian.ac.uk

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