People-powered GP digital solutions move forward

Section: DigitalType: News Item Date Published: 31st January 2018

The ALLIANCE is delighted to announce the next steps and extra funding for ‘Our GP’.

Our GP is a Scottish Government funded co-design project for innovative GP digital services. The ground-breaking project was managed by the ALLIANCE, working with a co-design agency, mHabitat (this link will take you away from our website). Over 1,000 citizens and staff participated in it, helping us define three new ideas for digital solutions to meet their needs.

£100k has now been awarded to further develop two of these solutions, as follows:

  • The ‘Personal Profile’ (an online summary of non-medical information important to a person which they can share with healthcare professionals involved in their care) will be included in the developing national health and social care portal; and
  • The ‘Advice and Information tool’ (allowing people, after a GP consultation, to receive links to relevant online health information and support services) will be developed by NHS24 drawing, for example, on NHS Inform content.

The third solution ‘Digital Photo Triage’ (a tool for people to send images of minor skin conditions/injuries to their GP for feedback) is also being discussed with public sector partners to see how this can link up with other ongoing digital health and care innovations.

Ian Welsh OBE, Chief Executive of the ALLIANCE said; “In Our GP, people have shown their willingness to participate, and the great creativity and value they can bring to public service design.  We will work with new partners to ensure their vital contribution in the project continues”.

The extensive learning from the Our GP project has also been published today through three research reports, which are available to download in the resources section below.

We would like to thank everyone who has collaborated on Our GP. We hope its success will encourage co-design and more public participation in public services.

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