Play your part in helping Scotland become a “Good Food Nation”

Type: News Item Date Published: 15th November 2018

Scotland boasts an incredible larder of food and drink – but what is the truth behind the marketing?

The Scottish Food Coalition, which the ALLIANCE is a member of, believes that our food system needs to be fairer, greener, healthier and more democratic.

The Scottish Government has committed to a new law on Scotland’s food system. This new law has the potential to drive change – for better public health, ensuring the right to good food for all, more sustainable food production, better workers’ rights, animal welfare, local growing opportunities and more – but we need your help to fight for a meaningful transformation.

This winter, the Scottish Government is expected to ask for all of our opinions on how we become a Good Food Nation. This will be done through a government consultation, where we will all have an opportunity over several months to express our views on food.

That’s why the Scottish Food Coalition are recruiting Good Food Nation Ambassadors to engage with their local communities, increase awareness and momentum for the consultation and campaign for a brighter future for Scotland’s food system.

This is a brilliant opportunity for somebody interested in developing their skills in campaigning, networking and political advocacy. The applicant should have an interest in Scotland’s food system and willingness to form strong networks in the local community.

 Find out more about this volunteering opportunity (this link will take you away from our website).

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