Redundancy: self managing unexpected crises in life by COPE Scotland

Section: Self Management and Co-Production HubType: News Item Date Published: 30th September 2020

We can face external challenges which impact our health and wellbeing such as redundancy. COPE Scotland share some tips on self managing.

We often think of self management in relation to a health challenge or condition. The actions we can take ourselves which may lessen the impact the condition has. Self management doesn’t mean we don’t still need professional interventions at times. It does mean we have more insight into our condition, what the treatment options may be, so we can have more informed conversations with our health care team, where appropriate, and a greater awareness of actions we can take ourselves which may have a positive impact on negating some of the issues our condition presents and enhancing our state of wellbeing, as much as possible in the circumstances.

However, we are more than our bodies, and more than our bodies at times can experience illness or challenges. We also have social needs, which if they aren’t met can have consequences, we have financial needs which impact not only on the choices we have but our sense of security, we have basic needs such as food, water, shelter which if not met, we can find anything else becomes too much to think about. We have needs for self-expression and more.

Most of us at some point in our life may have faced some crisis in some area of our life. It maybe the loss of a loved one, a challenge with our own health, a betrayal which left us feeling confused and not sure who to trust anymore. A loss of income through redundancy and a worry of what happens next. It maybe for some people their redundancy package is one which buffers the impact of the job being lost, they may even plan an early retirement and this redundancy is a good thing. However, it maybe the redundancy package is not very good, the labour market for future work is uncertain, which can lead to stress, anxiety, depression as well as very real issues around ensuring bills are paid, the house hold costs are met, food is available and meeting other financial commitments and expectations which were not an issue when a regular income was coming in, has now become an issue.

It maybe registering as unemployed is a new experience. Our sense of self is linked to what we do for a living and now we are not doing that can leave us feeling confused as to what our purpose is. If on top of this we are also managing a health condition, we can feel very overwhelmed. In fact, in many ways that reaction would be natural.

COVID-19 is causing a significant amount of financial uncertainty for many people as well as people finding they may be made redundant. During self-management week 2020 we wanted to share a wee tips sheet co-designed with the voices of lived experience on things you can do if affected by redundancy which may help. However, its important also, if you find having someone to talk to would be helpful to know there are people there who care. We have listed some contacts on the tips sheet, we would also be happy if anyone wanted to speak to one of the team to discuss further. Just email and we will be happy to connect. We cannot always help, we do always promise to try

Hilda Campbell

CEO COPE Scotland (this link will take you away from our website)

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