Refining or reducing lockdown arrangements during COVID-19

Section: Policy into PracticeType: News Item Date Published: 20th May 2020

The ALLIANCE has responded to the COVID-19 Committee's call for views on changing lockdown arrangements.

The Committee wants to hear views on the options for refining or reducing the current lockdown arrangements in Scotland.

Our response highlights that many people living with long term conditions, disabled people and unpaid carers are at higher risk of severe illness from COVID-19 itself, as well as being unequally affected by the measures taken to respond to the pandemic. As such, their needs and views should be carefully considered and consulted during any planning and alterations. Our submission draws on the ALLIANCE’s briefing on the Scottish Government’s Framework for Decision Making and Further Information.

The ALLIANCE makes a range of recommendations as the Scottish Government and public bodies consider changes to the current lockdown restrictions, including:

  • Mainstreaming and embedding equalities and human rights in practice as well as principle.
  • Ensuring people and organisations are actively involved in meaningful decision-making (with independent support to do so if required). This goes beyond engagement and consultation to the active co-production of solutions and decisions.
  • Independent ongoing monitoring and scrutiny to ensure accountability and routes for redress if things go wrong.
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