Watch the Health and Social Care Academy's latest Ambitions case study, looking at how Social Security Scotland are reimagining investment.

The Health and Social Care Academy has published the ‘Reimagine Investment’ case study film, the second in our series of case studies showcasing each of our Five Ambitions for the Future of Health and Care.

In this film, we focus on Social Security Scotland, who are investing in people by ensuring their clients are treated with dignity, fairness and respect. This case study sets out to showcase the Reimagine Investment ambition in action, which aspires to transform society for everyone’s benefit with sustainable investment, patience, partnership and valuing one another.

The Academy’s Five Ambitions provide a starting point on our journey to achieving long term, meaningful and sustainable change in health and social care. They are intended to inspire, encourage action, and help identify the steps we need to take for a future where people and wellbeing are at the centre.

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