Scottish Government sets out Social Security Agency plans

Section: Policy into PracticeType: News Item Date Published: 27th April 2017

The Minister for Social Security, Jeane Freeman MSP, sets out Government's plans for the social security entitlements devolved to Scotland.

The Minister for Social Security, Jeane Freeman MSP, has set out the Government’s plans for the eleven social security entitlements devolved to Scotland.

As part of a statement to the Scottish Parliament the Minister announced:

  • 10 of 11 entitlements will be delivered by the social security agency itself
  • There will be local pre-claims advice and support
  • 1,500 people will work for the Social Security Agency
  • The Agency will have an annual running cost of approx. £150m
  • The assessment model for disability benefits will give recognition to self assessment & 3rd party supporting evidence
  • Private contractors will not be involved
  • A Social Security Bill will be introduced in Summer 2017

Jeane Freeman MSP said: ““The new social security agency will be one of the largest executive agencies of the Scottish Government and will employ at least 1,500 staff by the time all devolved benefits are being delivered. Setting the new system up is a hugely complex task but a challenge that we relish and one that we are absolutely determined to get right. It is extremely important that we start how we mean to go on – by listening to people and seeking expert opinion to deliver an agency that respects people’s views and is sensitive and responsive to their different needs and requirements.”

Scottish Government: New social security agency puts people first (this link will take you away from this website)

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