Scottish Interfaith Week 2019

Type: News Item Date Published: 3rd October 2019

Find out more on how to get involved in the Scottish Interfaith Week which takes place 10th – 17th November.

Open your doors for Scottish Interfaith Week 2019. Learn about each other’s faith or culture by sharing food and stories. Enjoy a meal together, share recipes and skills, cook together or for each other. Eat, sing, dance, talk, create, innovate, experience and most importantly, enjoy. Getting involved is easy. You can organise anything from a small gathering in your home or community centre to a large event in your local place of worship, school or library.

Scottish Interfaith Week (SIFW) brings people together whilst promoting dialogue, understanding and co-operation between Scotland’s diverse religious communities and cultures. They encourage everyone to participate and the SIFW team are always happy to help you with your ideas and through promoting your event.

Find out how to get involved on the SIFW website (this link will take you away from our website).

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