Self Management on the road in Inveraray

Section: Self Management and Co-Production HubType: News Item Date Published: 14th December 2018

Argyll and Bute got together recently to focus on their own Self Management Strategy

Twice a year, NHS Highland host their Health Development Day to increase engagement across sectors. On 21st November over 70 people gathered to explore how we support people to live better and active lives. The focus of the day was to think holistically about support for self management.

Alison McGrory from Argyll and Bute HSCP opened the day highlighting the need to focus on prevention, looking at what draws people into services. Self management is underpinned by looking at prevention and anticipation. Individuals shouldn’t need to cross the door to the NHS before they are introduced to self management, it is up to everyone working across the sectors to encourage and support self management at all stages of life.

Presentations took place to introduce to new public body that will come into existence in 2019, Public Health Scotland. We need a modernisation of our workforce, with a focus on wellness not illness stated Sandra Cairney, Associate Director of Public Health. Sandra highlighted that public health is for everyone. Everyone should have a voice at all levels and we need to look at how we engage with individuals and communities to empower them and change perceptions to show that we all have a part to play.

The morning certainly lifted my spirits as speakers talked passionately about support for self management. We know a culture shift takes time and that we cannot be disheartened as we continue on our journey to increase knowledge and understanding of self management. Argyll and Bute are actively developing their own Self Management Strategy and it was clear the way to do this is through partnership working. Bringing together voices across Argyll and Bute to find out what matters to people. Work has already begun to develop the strategy which is planned to launch in Spring 2019. What was great to hear is that their focus will not be on illness but on what keeps us well and how to do we strengthen that.

The Self Management Team at the ALLIANCE were delighted to be able to present on the day and share our learning of self management over the past 10 years of Gaun Yersel! We will be standing alongside everyone involved in the new strategy in Argyll and Bute because together we are stronger and together we can work to achieve a strategy that involves everyone.


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