Watch the full recording of our webinar hosted by Professor Derek Feeley's into the future of health and social care in Scotland.

On 17 April, Professor Derek Feeley, former Chief Executive of NHS Scotland, hosted a webinar in which he shared valuable insights into the future of health and social care in Scotland, focusing specifically on how we can work toward an improved National Care Service (NCS).

Professor Feeley highlighted the urgent need to reframe social care as an invaluable investment rather than a societal burden, advocating for adequate funding and proactive intervention. The discussion underscored the necessity of a revamped narrative, emphasizing the transition from managing needs to proactive support. Amid existing sound policies, the implementation gap remains a significant challenge, prompting the proposal for a National Care Service (NCS). Key themes included viewing individuals as active partners in their care and championing lived experience voices.

Feeley outlined three moral imperatives for a NCS: equity, human rights, and civility, stressing the importance of joy in care work to combat burnout. He urged for radical thinking and redesign, suggesting crisis as a catalyst for positive change.

Looking ahead, our upcoming conference titled ‘Our Voice, Our Rights, Our Future’ on 1 May aligns closely with Feeley’s insights. It aims to address health inequality and champion person-centered care, echoing the call for proactive measures to shape the future of health and social care in Scotland.

You can watch the full webinar here:

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