We want to hear from ALLIANCE members on what you think should be in our 2024 General Election Manifesto.

It is almost five years since the last UK wide General Election. Since the last election we have all experienced a worldwide pandemic and a cost of living crisis, which has affected everyone and especially those already marginalised. 

Although we do not know specific dates, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said he expected the upcoming General Election to take place “in the second half” of 2023. Some local elections are taking place in May so there is a possibility that the General Election could happen at the same time.  

The ALLIANCE wants to ensure that people living in Scotland have their rights and needs met by the UK Parliament. Click here to read more about the areas that are reserved to the UK Parliament. 

We have drafted seven key asks that we want parties and candidates to consider as priorities throughout the General Election process and in their future work. You can read these below.  

We want to hear from ALLIANCE members, what you think of our manifesto ideas and whether you think there is anything else Westminster should or could be doing.  

If you would like to feedback on our manifesto, please contact Allan Faulds at allan.faulds@alliance-scotland.org.uk by Monday 11th March 2024.  Any suggestions should relate to areas that are reserved to the UK Parliament. 

Social Security  

Social Security includes UK benefits delivered by the DWP including Universal Credit and Personal Independence Payment (PIP). There are proposals that there will be changes to the eligibility criteria, making the system even more confusing. We want social security to be accessible for all, and in ways that meets people’s needs.  


At the ALLIANCE we believe in the importance of fair tax, approaches such as human rights budgeting and gender budgeting, and reimagining the economy through models such as the wellbeing economy and care economy.  

Human Rights  

The ALLIANCE supports the Human Rights Act and European Convention on Human Rights, and oppose any attempts to weaken those protections. 

To strengthen these, we recommend that the Scotland Act to be amended to enable full incorporation of human rights treaties into Scots Law and that the UK Parliament does the same to retain consistency across all areas.  

Workforce and Immigration  

The ALLIANCE believe that everyone has the right to work. That is why we are believe that there should be ease of access to the health and social care workforce for migrants, and that any negative measures such as minimum income for UK skilled worker visas and the spousal/family income requirements should be abolished.  


Long terms measures such as investment in the transition to renewables and energy efficiency schemes should be implemented to protect people from high and unpredictable energy costs, whilst a social energy tariff should also be provided to lower costs for disabled people and people living with long term conditions.  

Health and Social Care  

Health and Social Care must be fairly and sustainably funded, throughout the UK as a precondition for the Scottish Government being able to do the same via the Barnett formula.  

Gambling Harms 

Gambling should be considered and treated as a public health issue, and highlighted as such throughout the Gambling Review. To mitigate gambling harms, industry practices, advertisements, marketing and and product design should be regulated by legislation.  

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