Shingles vaccination awareness campaign underway

Type: News Item Date Published: 19th March 2019

All 70-79 year olds are eligible for a free vaccine offered by their GP practice.

Shingles is a painful disease which affects 1 in 4 people, and is more common in older adults. It can result in long-term pain which can persist for several months or even years.

A free shingles vaccine is available that reduces the risk of getting shingles and the long-term painful side effects. It is only given once, at any time of year, in GP practices.

To be eligible for the free vaccine, people must have been aged 70-79 as of 1st September 2018.

A campaign is now underway to highlight the serious nature of shingles and the importance of those who are eligible getting their free shingles vaccine at their GP practice.

A range of campaign materials are available to help groups and organisations to spread the word. These include suggested social media posts, leaflets in a variety of languages and formats, and more.

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