Brexit concerns highlighted

Section: Policy into PracticeType: News Item Date Published: 23rd January 2018

ALLIANCE members have expressed fears that social care recruitment problems could be "exacerbated" after Brexit.

The ALLIANCE’s response to the Health and Sport Committee’s call for evidence on the impact of leaving the European Union for health and social care highlights that well documented threats to the social care workforce could be worsened by uncertainty about the rights of EU nationals to live and work in Scotland post-Brexit.

The response, supported by a survey of ALLIANCE members, also highlights that the Scottish Parliament should seek to introduce measures to mitigate concerns over access to EU funding, medicines development and future collaboration across Europe. It also suggests that more work should be done to consider the potential benefits for public health of drawing up new directives related to air and water quality.

The ALLIANCE, alongside Camphill Scotland, is proposing an amendment to the the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill which could ensure that future planning and decision making in the health and social care sector in relation to recruitment and staffing is informed by UK wide assessments of the impact of Brexit. We intend to progress this in the House of Lords in the coming weeks.

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