Social Security Bill published

Section: The ALLIANCEType: News Item Date Published: 21st June 2017

Landmark legislation to establish Scotland's first social security system has been introduced to the Scottish Parliament.

The Social Security (Scotland) Bill will give the Scottish Government the powers to deliver eleven benefits devolved as part of the Scotland Act 2016.

It will also provide powers to top up reserved benefits and provide a mechanism to pay a Carer’s Allowance supplement.

The Bill sets out an over-arching legislative framework for the administration of social security in Scotland, making provision for operational functions such as overpayments, fraud, error, re-determinations and appeals.

It places a duty on the Scottish Ministers to give assistance to persons who are entitled to it and provides a brief description of each type of assistance that Scottish Ministers will give.

Secondary legislation will provide detail on what assistance will be available and how the system will work. This will follow once the Bill has been agreed by the Parliament.

The legislation is expected to come into force within the current Parliamentary term (2016-2021).

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