This year, the survey covers issues and areas that carers have identified as important to them.

Yearly, Carers Scotland publishes a series of State of Caring reports. These reports set out some of the challenges unpaid carers face daily. In 2023/24 three reports were published reporting the views of the 1770 unpaid carers in Scotland who responded. These reports are available in full by accessing Carers Scotland policy library.

There are an estimated 800,000 people in Scotland caring unpaid for a loved one who is older, disabled, or seriously ill. Their situations vary. Some people care round the clock, others for a few hours a week. Some look after a relative in their own home, while others travel miles to care for a friend.  For lots of people, caring can feel like the right thing to do when a loved one needs support, but often it has an enormous personal impact that is underestimated by others.

We know that over half of carers (54%) have suffered physical ill health and 28% have bad or very bad mental health because of their caring role.  Over a quarter (28%) struggle to make ends meet and a third have cut back on essentials like food and heating. Every single day, 600 people give up work to care. It’s thanks to carers telling us about their experiences that we are able to explain to politicians and policy makers the serious challenges they face, and fight for lasting change.

This year, the survey covers issues and areas that carers have identified as important to them. It will take around 20-30 minutes to complete. Carers are busy, and Carers Scotland very much appreciate everyone who takes the time to complete the survey. By completing the survey carers in Scotland can help inform the most comprehensive study into experiences of looking after a loved one.  Every year the evidence in State of Caring in Scotland is a significant driver in helping Carers Scotland to challenge policy makers and politicians on what needs to change to support carers better. With the Scottish Government development of a new national care service for social care and changes to social security in Scotland, it has never been more important for unpaid carers to share their experiences.

The survey can be completed here will close on 11 August, and the results will be shared later in the year.

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