Stroke Association launch ‘My Stroke Guide’

Section: MembershipType: News Item Date Published: 19th November 2018

An online resource offering information and stroke support has been created to help stroke survivors recover.

My Stroke Guide gives free access to trusted information about different types of stroke, risk factors and secondary conditions, as well as advice on prevention and improving your own health. You can find practical tools and over 200 videos, to help you to understand stroke and manage its effects. This includes a dedicated section for family and friends which provides information on the impact of stroke and advice about supporting loved ones.

The guide helps stroke survivors understand the condition and make informed decisions about their recovery. Stroke Association (this link will take you away from our website) produced the site in response to concerns from survivors half of which said they felt abandoned when they left hospital following their stroke.

Dr Christine McAlpine, a stroke doctor in Glasgow and Chair of Greater Glasgow and Clyde’s Managed Clinical Network for stroke said:

“We use My Stroke Guide to reassure patients that there is life after stroke and to give them information in a different format from leaflets and books. We introduce My Stroke Guide to patients either while they are in hospital or after they have gone home. It helps to simplify information about common issues after stroke, and helps both the person who has had a stroke, and their family and friends, understand what has happened. Patients have told us that it’s very helpful when they have questions but are not sure who to ask”.

Join free today by logging onto (this link will take you away from our website).

If you don’t feel confident with technology or need help getting started you can also email for support at

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