Sustainable health and social care: climate change and COVID-19

Section: People and NetworksType: News Item Date Published: 17th September 2020

A new Provocation Paper from the ALLIANCE's Academy programme explores the need for sustainable change in health and social care.

Climate change is an area in which radical change is needed – especially now, when much of the attention that had previously been centred on greener action has been rapidly (and understandably) redirected to emergency responses to COVID-19.

This Provocation Paper explores the global and national context of the pandemic and climate change; highlighting existing plans and untapped opportunities to ensure that Scotland’s recovery from COVID-19 works for people and the planet. It is published as part of our ongoing initiative with the RSA Scotland, ‘Revisiting Beveridge’s Five Giant Evils’.

The ALLIANCE is calling for three key actions in health and social care that respond to the dual concerns raised by climate change and the impact of COVID-19:

  • Create a £25m social care climate change innovation fund
  • Invest in clinically and environmentally safe PPE
  • Develop sustainable and accessible travel for people who access and deliver health and care services
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