What would be important to you when considering digital solutions for preventing and improving responses to falls?

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‘No need to fall’ project – share your views and experiences.

This is a collaborative project led by NHS Lanarkshire and is funded by the Health Foundation. It is partnered and supported by a number of national and local organisations and institutions, such as Scottish Care, Strathclyde University, Voluntary Action North Lanarkshire, The Digital Health & Care Innovation Centre and the ALLIANCE.

The project aims to engage with people, and work in partnership with people who are/ or supporting people who are potentially at risk of falling- and together produce digital solutions for the home to prevent falls or to improve responses to falls. We know technology can support people to live more independently, and that this technology already exists however the focus and emphasis of this project is on the partnership with people to coproduce a solution. There are many factors for individuals to consider, to enable trust and confidence of use, when introducing digital solutions into their home and care.

The ALLIANCE, as part of this project are reaching out to gather peoples’ views on what would be important to you when considering technology for care support. What technology would you be comfortable to have/use in your/ your family members home, which would meet your needs and would support the aim of reducing falls and/ or improving care responses to falls.

We have created a short, anonymous six question survey (this link will take you away from our website) which people can complete or we can complete with you over the telephone or text, to organise please call the Digital Health and Social Care Team on 0141 404 0231 or email dhcscot@alliance-scotland.org.uk

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