Decision made to extend the deadline for Stage 1 consideration of the NCS Bill to March 2024.

It has been decided by the Scottish Parliament that the National Care Service (NCS) Bill Stage 1 deadline will be extended to the 1st March 2024.

The original deadline was the 31st January 2024. However, due to the recent information on proposed changes to the Bill that was shared with the Health, Social Care and Sport Committee, it was felt that the extra time would allow for members of Parliament to fully consider all the new details. 

You can read a breakdown of the most recent changes to the Bill on the ALLIANCE website here

Despite the delay, there remains the commitment from the Scottish Government to establish a National Care Service within the lifetime of the current Parliament.

To ensure that the voices of lived experience and the third sector are heard, the ALLIANCE is continuing to constructively engage with the Scottish Government and update you as and when developments occur. We are also actively engaging with the Bill process, including progressing amendments our members helped us develop in 2023.

You can read more on the ALLIANCE’s views and position on the NCS Bill as outlined by our Chief Officer, Sara Redmond, here.

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