What ACTION is needed to support formal and community based learning?

Section: The ALLIANCEType: News Item Date Published: 4th September 2018

At the ALLIANCE, Action: The 2nd Health and Social Care Integration event, delegates attended workshops in different zones.

The zones showcased people and organisations working on innovative, engaging and co-produced projects that aim to improve outcomes for people who access support and services in Scotland.  Find out what happened in the learning zone.

Learning zone

Four key themes were apparent throughout the learning zone: self management, innovation, alignment and integration.

The employability landscape is diverse and can take many forms, with no correct pathway. Some people flourish with formal structures whereas others can be best suited to flexible learning, community-based learning or peer support.

The morning focused on community learning and explored the importance of projects which implement a person centred system of support to employability and learning. Self management being key in this learning, providing basis of good practice and successful journeys.

The afternoon session explored how an integrated approach to education, learning and workforce transforms practice and improves experiences and outcomes. Highlighting the need for a cultural change, striving for innovative ways to translate learning and examples of good practice into everyday delivery.

Main points for action:

  • Greater recognition and alignment between health and employability systems to ensure a holistic approach is adopted
  • Professionals in health, social care and employability need to work less siloed and be willing to step out of their comfort zones.

Community Learning: Local approaches to fostering skills (morning workshop)

Chair – Pennie Taylor, Health Correspondent @ptupdate
•  Jillian Milne, Chief Executive Officer, MindSpace @milne_jillian
•  Jed Brady, Development Officer, REACH Advocacy @ReachAdvocacy
•  Peter Dale, Epilepsy Futures Coordinator, Epilepsy Connections @EpilepsyConnexn
•  Natalie Phillips, Project Manager (Education, Business & Community Growth), Clyde Gateway @clydegateway

Educating an integrated workforce

•  Helen Rainey @helenr1976 and Elaine Gifford, Lecturers, UWS
•  David Brady, Former student, UWS @DavBrad80
•  Mandy Andrew, International Centre for Integrated Care @mandynetwork

Other zones at the event included Active, Brexit, Design, Outcomes, Human Rights, Gaun Yersel, Young People and Community.

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