What ACTION is still needed to measure integration outcomes?

Section: The ALLIANCEType: News Item Date Published: 4th September 2018

At the ALLIANCE, Action: The 2nd Health and Social Care Integration event, delegates attended workshops in different zones.

The zones showcased people and organisations working on innovative, engaging and co-produced projects that aim to improve outcomes for people who access support and services in Scotland.  Find out what was discussed in the Outcomes zone.

Two years on, how far have we come in achieving the ambitions set out in the policy for health and social care integration?

Some concerns raised were the lack of third sector and communities’ involvement in legislation, how each Integrated Joint Board (IJB) is measuring progress against standards, short term funding and funding being cut for third sector organisations and how staff and stakeholders can develop co-productive conversations that translate government policy into day to day working.

The session looking at Scotland’s Public Health Priorities (this link will take you away from our website) introduced these as a set of priorities with a focus for public services to improve population health, reduce inequalities and increase healthy life expectancy.

Main points for action:

  • There may be a need for an independent body to manage complaints.
  • Strengthen interaction between Health Boards and Councils.
  • Clear and accessible information
  • With antiquated models of commissioning it is unclear if engagement has been successful.

Integration – two years on (morning workshop)

Chaired and facilitated by the ALLIANCE’s Integration Support Team @IntegrationHSC
•  Michelle Carruthers, Chief Executive, Food Train and member of the Ministerial Strategy Group on Health and Social Care Integration @FoodTrainScot
•  Marie Oliver, Chief Executive Officer, Voluntary Action South Ayrshire (VASA) and Integration Joint Board member @VASouthAyrshire
•  Penny Halliday, Chair, Dumfries and Galloway Integration Joint Board
•  Leigh Johnson, Senior Manager, Audit Scotland @AuditScotland
•  Martyn Sloan, Carer Representative, Dundee Integration Joint Board

Public Health Reform – update on agreeing Scotland’s Public Health Priorities (afternoon workshop)

Chair: Gerry Power, Director, the ALLIANCE @gerryporto11
•   Eibhlin McHugh, Co-Director, Executive Delivery Group, Public Health Reform

Other zones at the event included Active, Brexit, DesignLearning, Human Rights, Gaun Yersel, Young People and Community.

Find our more about Action: The 2nd Health and Social Care Integration event.

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