Why is action needed in health and social care?

Section: The ALLIANCEType: News Item Date Published: 4th June 2018

The views and opinions of delegates and speakers were captured through social reporting at the ALLIANCE Annual Conference 2018.

At this years ALLIANCE Annual Conference, some of our staff members set out to evaluate the views and experiences of those attending the event. This year’s theme was Action and was our second Health and Social Care Integration Event. Our staff wanted to explore this theme and our delegates thoughts by conducting some social reporting and came up with the following questions:

  • Why is action needed in health and social care?
  • If you were to prioritise one thing (and money and resource was no object) to action what would it be and how would it improve health and social care?

ALLIANCE staff members Nick Watt, Sarah Wardrop and Carmen Paputa-Dutu set out to investigate what impact the event was having on those attending. They wanted to ask delegates and speakers from different backgrounds about their experiences of health and social care in Scotland, and what action they would like to see being brought forward.

Their interviews have shined a light on how their seems to be a growing desire to have a better system of working together and give third sector organisations and those with lived experience a bigger influence in decision making.

These interviews can be read on our website:

Our social reporting can also be viewed on the ALLIANCE YouTube channel (this link will take you away from our website).

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