Your Meaningful Day

Section: People and NetworksType: News Item Date Published: 16th March 2018

Our Dementia Carer Voices team want to hear what a 'meaningful day' would look and feel like for people living with dementia.

As a part of a potential project we are looking to undertake, we would like to ask people living with dementia an important question. What would a Meaningful Day look like for you? And what would a Meaningful Day feel like for you?

For example, this might be a trip back to the place where you and your partner got engaged. It may be a trip to an old workplace. Or it may just be a chance to enjoy an activity you haven’t been able to lately.

This could be anything at all. This is a very personal question, and we expect it to completely vary person to person.

We are also interested in hearing, in your own words, the potential effect these days could have on your wellbeing.

And, if possible, who you would like to be involved in your Meaningful Day.

We believe everyone in all parts of their care should be asked what matters to you, and who matters to you. These two questions will be at the heart of the co-production of our Meaningful Days.

Please contact us at

We’re really interested to hear what you have to say!

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