End of week 2…already…

Written by: Roseann Logan, Community Links Manager, the ALLIANCE

Published: 28/02/2014

Starting out..... Community Links Manager

Hi my name is Roseann Logan and I am the Senior Community Links Practitioner. I can’t believe I have been in post two weeks already, part of me feels I have been here much longer… I’m sure that’s a good thing!

On Marks first blog he mentioned that blogs should be short so don’t worry I’m not planning on writing a book.

I must say I have received a warm welcome from everyone I have met and this has made my first two weeks extremely enjoyable.

I have been busy working on policies and procedures which will benefit the practitioners out in the community as well as meeting different people involved in the programme (to some extent or another) and coming up to speed with work that has been carried out prior to my appointment, lots of work which has been carried out…Still a lot of new learning for me to take on board but I am up for the challenge which lies ahead.

I have been preparing for the 7 Community Links Practitioners who will be starting on Monday 3rd March along with our newly appointed Monitoring and Evaluation Officer.

This will be great and I am really looking forward to getting to know and build relationships with all our new team. This blog will be an opportunity for us to share our journey as we move forward with the link programme, please feel free to leave comments and join us on this fantastic journey.

Over time all the team will have the opportunity to participate in the blog and put in their experiences of being involved in the programme. It will be interesting to have different perspectives on the role and the experiences over time.

Exciting times ahead for us all



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