Getting to know ‘Getting it Right for Every Child’

Written by: Gemma Powell, Project Coordinator, the ALLIANCE

Published: 14/10/2014

Gemma Powell, the ALLIANCE, on Getting to Know the Scottish Government's policy for children and young people - GIRFEC.

Helping people understand what GIRFEC (Getting it Right for Every Child) means for children and young people who are disabled or live with long term conditions

Everyone wants the very best for children in Scotland. We all want children to achieve their fullest potential in every aspect of their lives. This is at the heart of the Scottish Government GIRFEC initiative. GIRFEC is intended to make Scotland the best place in the world to grow up.

GIRFEC is the way professionals in Scotland respond to the needs of children and young people. Professionals working in collaboration with children, young people and with their parents or carers is a cornerstone of the GIRFEC approach. That is why it is important that parents and carers, children and young people understand this approach.

The project aim is to promote awareness of the support children, young people who are disabled or living with long term conditions and their families should expect through GIRFEC, empowering them to access and influence the support they need to achieve their desired outcomes.

This awareness will also build children and young people’s own capacity and confidence in shaping the support and services they require. The experience of children, young people and parents will be at the heart of this work and we will help ensure that these experiences inform how GIRFEC is implemented.

Our project is hosting a number of GIRFEC Awareness Sessions for Children and Young People and for their parents and carers to help them get to grips with GIRFEC tools, language and concepts and what it means for them. To come along to one of these or request one to be held in your organisations please get in touch using the contact details below.

In addition to this we are running five ‘Trainer for Trainers’ Workshops across Scotland in November to enable other professionals to run the information sessions for the benefit of the people they work with. For more information follow the links below and to book a space on any of the sessions please email us on the contact details below.


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