Reflections on a Self Management Reflective Practice (SMRP) session, from a Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland Advice and Support Practitioner.

I enjoyed the ALLIANCE Self Management Reflective Practice session as part of the Chest, Heart & Stroke Scotland (CHSS) Services Development Day in Edinburgh in November 2023 and feel that, as part of the Advice Line at CHSS, every single intervention I carry out with a service user or caller enables them to self manage their situation better. I love to be able to use my knowledge and experience to share information and resources to help people help themselves with their health. Self management is at the core of what I do.

CHSS and the ALLIANCE linking in with each other feels like a good fit.

The ALLIANCE website is a great resource where everything comes together, and I am glad I have this valuable tool as everything is under one roof. I was not aware of ALISS and this is a tool I have added to my repertoire. I’ve recently been invited to take part in a new CHSS Participation and Engagement group so some of the resources will be most useful. 

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