Link Worker Programme Manager appointed!

Written by: Mark Kelvin, Programme Manager, the ALLIANCE

Published: 13/09/2013

Links Worker Programme Introduction by Mark Kelvin, Programme Manager


By this post I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Mark Charlton and I’m new in post as the Link Worker Programme Manager. I’ve now been in post for 2 weeks, and what a 2 weeks it’s been!

One of the most positive things about this programme is the number of people who have been involved in it’s development. They are all so committed to the success of the programme. With us all working together, we have a fantastic opportunity to explore the potential of link workers in a primary care setting to reduce health inequalities in Scotland.

I hope that this blog will be a useful place for all of these people to check in with progress as and when they like. I hope that it will also serve to share learning and connect our programme with other, similar initiatives in Scotland, the UK and beyond.

Please do feel free to comment on all blog posts. This is my first time writing a blog and as such I have asked for advice. I’m told that the best blogs are short, updated regularly and ‘written as you speak’. Whilst I wrestle between writing as I speak and keeping it short (the two present a contradiction for me), I do commit to submitting regular updates. It would be nice if you contributed occasionally. That way I know that i’m not all alone in this seemingly infinite world-wide web.



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