See what people thought of the film screening of 'One Last Spin' at the ALLIANCE Annual Conference 2022.

One Last Spin is a highly impactful and thought-provoking film created by the Machine Zone Community Interest Company which depicts four real life experiences of gambling harm from across the UK.

The film includes interviews with four people harmed by gambling, and three people working to reduce harms across the UK: Gerda Reith, an academic with a long-established reputation globally for research into gambling; Ronnie Cowan MP who is actively involved in reducing gambling harms; and William Griffiths, the first manager of the Scotland Reducing Gambling Harm programme at the ALLIANCE. The film is interwoven with drama sequences complementing the stories of those harmed by gambling.

At the ALLIANCE Annual Conference 22 – Community: People, Voices, Stories, we held the first online screening of the film which was well attended with around 50 delegates. Many found the film incredibly powerful and described it as a necessary resource to raise awareness of gambling-related harm across the UK. See what people thought of the film below:

“Very powerful indeed ❤️” – member of Lived Experience Forum for reducing gambling harms

“This video is so powerful and should be used as a public health message for everyone.” – Scottish Women’s Convention

“One of the most impactful things I have EVER seen. Every single person involved should be incredibly proud. Thank you so so much for doing this. It will help so many.” – GamLEARN

“This should be put out on mainstream tv to get the message out there to a much larger audience. A fantastic film.”

“Brilliant – makes me ashamed as despite working in mental health for many years I have never really asked anyone about whether they had any concerns about gambling even when there has been financial difficulties.”

“Very raw and real and an incredible effort by all to bring this together. Emotional and hard hitting but a brilliant way to get this message out and start a conversation.”

“Powerful, made me feel numb in conjunction with my own journey. Thank you to you all for an excellent production, I would love families to see this throughout the UK, it would have a massive impact.” – member of Lived Experience Forum to reduce gambling harms

“There is a moral argument: how do we want our societies to be organised? Do we want people to be harmed by commercial activities in this way?” Powerful questions to ask ourselves across Scotland and UK which One Last Spin raises.” – Sara Redmond, Chief Officer, Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland (the ALLIANCE)

“Highly recommend anyone and everyone watches the @onelastspinfilm film. It’s not an easy watch but I believe it is a hugely necessary one, not just for those affected by gambling harm but also those who think they aren’t or won’t be. Incredibly powerful.” – GamLEARN

“Moving and raw short film of the reality and impact of #gambling. Quality film that would be useful in communities, employers, health care – even @BetGameCouncil.”

“Such a powerful film, providing insight into people’s journeys into gambling addiction, the damage caused to them & loved ones, how they got help. Let’s increase awareness, reduce stigma, ask, listen, support and inform. It’s a social justice issue.”

The Machine Zone Interest Company are keen to host screenings of One Last Spin in community settings as a way to raise awareness of gambling-related harm. If you are interested and would like to host a screening of One Last Spin to highlight gambling harm across your area of work or community, please contact: or directly or visit for more information.

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