Poetry Week Day 1: “Don’t you look well they cry”

Written by: Chris Roberts

Published: 06/07/2015

Poem comes from Chris Roberts, who has shared his story and experiences with us in the past and is a great friend of the project.

Don’t you look well, they cry !
Don’t you look great !
Well ! If you’d like to be me, let’s make a date !

I’ll give you one hour, and then you’ll see
The darkness that tries, to devour me

You’ll see what drowns, the person you knew,
And the bright hours I have left are only few

Now, the darkness surrounds me and threatens my past,
How long, can days such as these last !

Tears fall all around me, they flood my feelings, they soak my face,
Yesterday’s memories packed away in my case.

I scream quietly, my eyes they retreat .
Trying to remember yesterday is quite a feat !

But with a smile on my face,
I cover, my disgrace.

Tomorrow is another day

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