Poetry Week Day 4: “Looking out of the window in a care home”

Written by: Chris Roberts

Published: 09/07/2015

As poetry week continues, we warmly welcome back Chris Roberts who has written another exceptionally powerful poem whilst he was in respite.

Looking out of the window in a care home

I look out of the window, staring at the sky.
Just longing and wishing that I could fly

All the noise has gone and at last I can flee,
Leaving all my troubles, right behind me.

My eyes grow bigger, my mouth opens wide,
Into the white, beautiful clouds, I at last collide,

Spinning, turning, and flying carefree
I’m all on my own, just grinning with glee.

Then I fall and fall, screaming so loud
No longer feeling, so tall and proud

Just staring out of the window, looking at the sky,
And again Just Wishing, that I could fly,

And again, I cry !

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