Poetry Week: Day 5 “Night Times: Awake with Alzheimer’s”

Written by: Chris Roberts

Published: 10/07/2015

Final poem from Chris Roberts talking about night time.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your strong support this week in sharing the incredible poems we have received. We would particularly like to thank Chris Roberts  and Glenn Merrilees for sharing their powerful words with the project, it has been and continues to be a real privilege to display them here.

We hope that you have been as inspired as we have been this week – if you would like to share how these poems made you feel, how they relate to your experiences or if you have any poems of your own you would like to share with us to have published on our blog, please do get in touch at dementiacarervoices@alliance-scotland.org.uk

We will leave you with the last poem of the week, written by the wonderful Chris Roberts. To keep up to date with Chris’s latest activity, follow him on twitter @Mason4233 (This link will take you away from our website)


Night times ; Awake with Alzheimer’s

Wide awake at five past three
What on earth awakened me
Why can’t I sleep, why can’t I dream
This is my life now,…..it would seem

Days rolling into, the darkest night
Surely this,….can’t be right
The endless nights and days,That never end
The bad dreams, that the dark dous’t send

Wandering around the house at night
Trying to find that wayward light
The handles rattle, the handles turn
What is outside you have to learn

My feet are cold,they freeze like ice
Someone shouts ! That can’t be nice
I was only lost, without the light
I didn’t need such a fright !

I just want to sleep and dream no more
Just let me through, sleep’s dark door
The door I look for every night
The Door that’s always just out of sight

Then I’m back in bed
You’re stroking my head
The woman from my dream
My darling wife It would seem !

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