Self Management Awards – 5 reasons to submit an award

Written by: Rhona Millar, Network Development Officer, the ALLIANCE

Published: 12/06/2019

The Self Management Awards are open until 26th July 2019 – find out why you should submit a nomination.

The Self Management Awards recognise innovative and interesting self management activity happening across Scotland,  read on to find out why you should take five minutes out of your day and submit a nomination.

  1. Recognising the great self management activity across Scotland you are involved in

Great self management activity is happening all across Scotland and in a number of different ways. The Awards are a fantastic opportunity to recognise the work that you are involved in that supports and spreads self management approaches. We know that self management activity has a profound impact on people’s lives, and the Awards are an exciting way to share that impact and recognise those who have helped drive forward this important culture change in health and social care in Scotland.

  1. Supporting the Network’s knowledge and learning for everyone

The Awards are not only a great way to recognise work being done, but over the years they have also been an important opportunity for the Self Management team and the Self Management Network Scotland to find out about activity happening across Scotland that they might not otherwise know. This allows us to increase our knowledge and understanding of self management in practice, build relationships and continue to support self management approaches to become embedded across Scotland with your learning and the heart.

  1. Join us at the Scottish Parliament on the 8th October

If the above reasons haven’t convinced you then how about an inspiring night at the Scottish Parliament? We will announce our winners and celebrate our nominees at the Self Management Awards reception at Scottish Parliament on Tuesday 8th October. The night of the Awards is always positive and inspiring, and a chance to meet with people and organisations who are passionate about self management.

  1. There’s an Award category for everyone

There are a range of categories to choose from when submitting a nomination to the Self Management Awards – from recognising the work of projects, organisations and resources to individual people who are championing self management and living it in practice, there are plenty of options to choose. (also note that you can submit as many nominations as you like!). This year we are delighted to introduce two new categories; the Self Management Employability Award in partnership with SUSE (this link will take you away from our website) and the Digital Innovator Award in partnership with Discover Digital, allowing you more opportunity to highlight self management activity having an impact on you and your community.

  1. It’ll make YOU feel good!

Submitting a nomination to the Self Management Awards will take you an easy five minutes and by taking the time to recognise and support other organisations and people championing self management, you’ll feel good. Show your support for your friends and colleagues or if you’re brave enough…nominate yourself!

For more information on the Self Management Awards and to download a nomination form please visit the Self Management Awards page on our website.

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