Self Management Programme Manager Grace reflects on how the Health and Social Care Academy's 5 Ambitions support better self management.

The Health and Social Care Academy’s 5 ambitions for the future of health and social care set out ways we would like to see the sector transformed in coming years.

All of these ambitions would see a better support for self management in Scotland, but I’d like to pick out the two that jump out to me as integral to self management. These are ‘Be Human’ and ‘Share Power.’

Be Human

One thing we hear time and again from our individual members living with long terms conditions is the importance of understanding the way their condition impacts their life, and their life impacts their condition. One of the key principles of self management laid out in ‘Gaun Yersel’ – Scotland’s self management strategy is ‘I am a whole person and this is for my whole life,’ and above all, this means being human and recognising others’ humanity.

Every person living with a long term condition’s life is different and their self management will be different. This is one of the reasons why it is important that professionals involved in their care take the time to understand what matters to them.

Share Power

Self management at its best means people are empowered to make decisions about their care and the management of their condition. This can only happen if decision making power is shared between the healthcare professional and the person. People living with long term conditions need to be seen as equal partners in their care in order for them to self manage effectively.

Overall, all 5 ambitions envisage a world where people make decisions about their own health and are supported to self manage effectively, as a key part of person centred care.

If you’re interested in the 5 ambitions for health and social care, join the self management networking session on 9 May to find out more

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