The Importance of Job Titles

Written by: Mark Kelvin, Programme Manager, the ALLIANCE

Published: 05/11/2013

What's in a name?

At the reference group meeting last week, we discussed the job title ‘links worker’ and whether it means anything to anybody. We’d like to use a job title that reflects the responsibility of the post. One that conveys gravitas and will be taken seriously by community resources, practice staff, and mean something to the people that they will be supporting.

As we are exploring an appropriate job title for the ‘links worker’, the following poem was brought to my attention… I welcome your comments and suggestions.



The Liaison Co-ordinator

by Tom Leonard 

Efturryd geenuz iz speel
iboot whut wuz right
nwhut wuz rang
boot this nthat
nthi next thing
a sayzty thi bloke
nwhut izzit yi caw yir joab jimmy
am a liaison co-ordinator
hi sayz oh good ah sayz
a liaison co-ordinator
jist whut this erria needs
whut wi aw thi unimploymint
inaw thi bevvyin
nthi boayz runnin amock nthi hoossyz fawnty bits
nthi wummin n tranquilisers
it last thiv sent uz
a liaison co-ordinator.

Sumdy wia digree
in f*ck knows whut
getn pyd fur no known whut thi f*ck ti day way it.


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