Taking some time out to reflect on my fast paced year in the Self Management Team.

It has officially been a year since I joined the Self Management Team and what a quick year it has been so I’m taking some time out to reflect on what has been achieved so far.

When I moved over the Self Management Team, initially the work was desk based research, clueing myself up on different approaches to support self management across Scotland; how people, partnerships and organisations spread the message of self management, their success stories and their challenges. It was a long process but worthwhile before I ventured across Scotland to share my learning with others.

When I am out and about I am inspired each time I’m introduced to people who are on their own self management journey and the strength they have to embrace self management, living as independently as they can and taking control of their own health and wellbeing. It also makes me reflect on my own journey, how can I advocate for self management if I don’t look after myself? I count myself lucky that I have a great team to support me and regularly remind me of this fact.

One of my biggest highlights from the year was the Self Management Awards. Not only the evening in the Scottish Parliament, which itself was a night of celebration and inspiration, but reading through all the nominations didn’t fail to amaze me. Uncovering a range of innovative self management work from all over Scotland including the individual transformational stories was a great way for me to gather this knowledge and allow me to share with others.

Within the year I have also delivered lectures at Universities focusing on self management, something I could never have imagined myself doing. Of course, my knees were shaking but as I increase my knowledge everyday around self management I can confidently say that I believe in the principles and the approach and can see the benefits it can bring to individuals lives. This means I am happy to share this knowledge with others, actually I can now talk the back legs off a donkey around self management.

I have to also mention that not long into the team I was lucky to help deliver a Self Management Network Scotland event in Orkney. Getting out and about to new places is a definite perk of the job alongside meeting people who share an enthusiasm for self management, it really does keep me going and pushes me to continue on my journey.

There’s been many highs and even sometimes a few tears (yes I cried at the Self Management Awards) and I really can’t believe it’s been a whole year. I’m already steeped back into the preparations for this year’s Self Management Week and Awardsand it is gearing up to be our biggest celebration yet. So for now I’m looking forward to continuing my work by increasing my knowledge, learning from others and continuing to work in partnership with a range of fantastic people.

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