What is the gap ? Is that where I come in ?

Written by: Jeanette Donnelly, Community Links Practitioner

Published: 18/03/2014

First days as a Community Links Practitioner

In the words of one whom I couldn’t claim to lace their boots – I had a dream. My dream was that as a society we would wake up to the fact that wellbeing isn’t solely in the domain of the physical body and the treatment thereof, that being well wasn’t simply the absence of disease but the quality of the life we live. Steadily over time this dream has started to be fulfilled – health and social care practitioners are realising that social isolation and separateness affects people in the deepest of ways and that mental and physical health are inextricably linked.

Today I was out “asset mapping” in Easterhouse where I am due to take up my post as a Community Links Practitioner in a few weeks. What I found was a mass of statutory and voluntary agencies striving to support people to live the lives they want to the best of their ability. What I also found was a GP Practice waiting room full of people of all ages and different cultures seeking help from the staff within.

What practice staff find is that although people may be aware of resources in the community or be told about them or be given leaflets they may not actually take the step of contacting the services when they leave the surgery.  This is the missing link in many ways and part of my role will be to give people the encouragement to take that step, providing emotional and practical support along the way.

Having met a warm and welcoming practice team I’ve came away from my day in Easterhouse feeling “we’re up for this” and roll on 2nd April when myself and my fellow Community Links Practitioners enter GP land for real.

Jeanette Donnelly

Community Links Practitioner

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