Where did the time go!?

Written by: Mark Kelvin, Programme Manager, the ALLIANCE

Published: 01/11/2013

Links Worker Programme - Six week update!

6 weeks ago I was writing a post summarising my thinking regarding the programme, where did those six weeks go?!

First of all I’ll apologise for not writing in the time that has passed. It was my intention when I started this blog to write little and often. So far I am meeting just one of these objectives. I will make the time and I will improve.

So what have I been up to in that time? Well, apart from a lovely long weekend spent in a hired motor-home exploring Skye and some of the north west, it’s been pretty non-stop.

One of the first tasks was to sketch out the programme development plan. This identified 3 phases:

  • Research phase (September 2013 – October 2013)
  • Development phase (November 2013 – December 2013)
  • Delivery phase (January 2014 – September 2015)

As we approach the end of the research phase, we have produced 5 outputs:

  1. Programme Development Plan. This paper formalised the programme development process and was sent to the reference group highlighting the budget, values of the programme, development stages and other details.
  2. List of stakeholders and relevant projects. We have met with these in an effort to learn from other / previous links worker programmes and identify expectations from stakeholders.
  3. Operational budget. After extrapolating and calculating the fixed costs of the programme, we were able to identify an operational budget. Using this we were able to model out a number of opportunities.
  4. The Links Worker Progamme Conceptual Framework. This detailed paper was written by Dr Peter Cawston, clinical lead for the programme. Peter sets out the concept of the links approach in primary care, the rationale for the concept, and then goes on to examine how it unfolds at three different levels: the personal outcomes towards which the links approach is directed, the system objectives that the primary care team will be working to achieve, and the practice capacities that need to be developed in order for this to be possible.
  5. The Links Worker Programme Options paper. This paper was sent to the reference group and informed discussions on the preferred operational delivery of the programme. It provided the preferred options for each aspect of the programme including number of links workers, salary, number and location of GP practices etc.

In order to produce these outputs I have attended 25 meetings and had a number of telephone conversations with so many passionate people. Being based at The Alliance provides unique access to a vast network of members including large, national support providers as well as small, local volunteer-led groups and people who are disabled, living with long term conditions or providing unpaid care.

The reference group met yesterday and have agreed the preferred options and so we enter the development stage. Exciting times ahead… Watch this space.


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